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Planning for an inground pool in your backyard? If so, it should be well-planned with the

best designs to make it outstanding and functional. Careful planning will also make your

backyard safe and cater to yourspecific needs.

Here is how you can pick the best pool design ideas for your backyard.



Do you think you will be mostly swimming Laps, in place exercise, just splashing around?  How you use your pool can help to determine size shape and depths. Love to play volleyball or through a football back and forth then a sports pool with shallow ends on each side may be for you. If your planning on just sitting around with friends enjoying the water then we need to add a lot of benches. However your planning on using your pool we can help to customize it to your needs.   

Every property is different and caters to diverse pool design ideas. Have a good look at your backyard and reflect on what design suits the best. For instance, Check if there are slopes in your backyard. Smaller backyards call for compact pools. These pools can be designed cleverly to give you an experience of having a larger pool. 

Does  your backyard has an unique shape? Concrete pools may help you here.  A concrete pool has unlimited design potential, just imagine the shape and we can bring it to life. Concrete pools are built  built from scratch and will be custom designed to your exact needs.  

If you have been researching pools you probably already  read online about the many

pros and cons for both.   We offer both concrete and Viking fiberglass pools and believe

they both have their place. Both can look beautiful, be easy to maintain and essentially

function the same. Concrete pools offer unlimited design choices where as Fiberglass you

have to be satisfied with shape and size they offer.

We are more than happy to go over your specific needs and help to determine the

best fit for your needs. 


Pool placement is essential for creating unique pool designs. Having the right placement will enhance the attractiveness and functionality of your pool. If you will have small children around  you will want clear views of your pool from all angles for monitoring children. Deck space is something that also needs to be addressed. If your looking to add items such as  a table and chairs,  fire pit, outdoor kitchen in your new space we need to make sure you have the deck space to accommodate it. Depending on your plans designing the deck may be just as important  as the the pool. 

Inground pools have many options, having budget in place before starting your project is important. We have options starting from high 20's to hundreds of thousands. If you are going to obtain financing for your pool project we would always recommend looking into a home equity line with your local bank. We also have other financing options if needed. 

So lets get down to the nitty gritty, we have talked about quite a few things and its decision time. These are a list of questions that hopefully can help with your pool project. 

 Screen room or open with a fence? 

 How big of a pool do I need?

 Pool  shape and features, Sunshelf extra benches, depths etc. 

 How much deck space would I like to have?

 Do I have use for a Spa?

 How about a water feature ? For Visual or for sound?

 Have you seen pictures of what you are looking for?

 Paver Deck, concrete deck or ?? 

 Whats the budget? 

 Answering these questions will get you on the right track for your specific needs. 

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How To Pick The Best Inground Pool For You

Decide How Your Pool Will Be Primarily Used

Think About The Shape And Size Of Your Yard

Concrete Or Fiberglass

Pool Placement And Deck Space



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