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Blue Moon Backyard & Pool carries a large selection of richly colored and unique Mosaics. This is a small sampling of custom mosaics we carry. Ask about all the options and shading available. 







































Ask us about  specific color samples and always approve the actual product prior to installation.

















We carry a variety of backyard water features and fountains for your backyard design project. These additions are a unique way to add a striking effect.





















Colored Grout

Ceramic Mosaics And Porcelain Mosaics

Water Features

Our new Ledger Stone surface stone is a perfect surface stone for BBQ Islands, walls, planters and columns. Simple to install interlocking surface and corner system with wide color and thickness variation fits together easily for a naturally random appearance.

Irregularly stacked surfaces with wide color and thickness variations fit together easily for a naturally random appearance - a simple and sophisticated way to add a complete coordinated look to your backyard entertainment environment.


Ledger Stone

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