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            Thank you for letting Blue Moon help to bring your pool project to life. The following survey will help our designers make sure that you get the most out of your project. 

Typical Pool Pricing including Salt System, Automation & Handrail   


                                                                             Open pools        Screened Pools 

I just want to swim and need a small pool             $44-54k             $54 - 65k

I would like a nicer pool with more deck                $54-70k             $65 - 80k

A pool spa combo is for me                                       $60-80k             $85 - 95k

Lets do it I want it all!                                                $80k & up          $95k & up

Would you prefer a Concrete or Fiberglass pool?
Would you Like your pool screened?
How will you primarely use ?
Which style pool would you like?
How will you be paying?
Whats The Budget?
Do you have a survey or plot plan?
How soon would you like to start?
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