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Deck and Coping options 

Whether you prefer the innate beauty of natural stone or the refined sophistication of handcrafted pavers, our vast hardscapes collections can make your outdoor living dreams come true with sizes, colors, patterns, and textures to fit every taste and every space. Deck and coping can also be two different materials to achieve a more custom look.

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Pavers can create a poolside paradise with a natural look on a grand scale.  Available in many color options with a  very natural look pavers are a timeless classic

Traditional Pavers

Easy to maintain and a beautiful accent, the classic beauty of Travertine will add sophisticaton to any outdoor space. The rich tones and shade variations in Travertine add to is dramatic effect, enhancing its natural beauty.


Add natural luster and iridescence to your pool with gem quality shell. Bring the beauty of the seas to your home with natural abalone shell.


Concrete decks have been a popular choice for many years. Availablee in tradition "cool deck" style and stained to your color of choice or simply brushed concrete is a very durable choice. Please always keep in mind areas with soft or shifting soil conditions are more prone to cracks. We do our best with saw cuts or expansion joints to prevent cracks however for most concrete decks a few cracks are inevitable. 


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