Screened Patio's

               High-quality screened patio rooms can help homeowners in the Central Florida area enjoy their homes like never before.  Imagine having a more usable outdoor space for relaxing, grilling or just being outdoors. After having a screen room installed, you’ll be able to spend time enjoying your backyard without worrying about nuisances of biting insects . For top-of-the-line screen rooms, turn to the specialists at Blue Moon Backyard & Pool. We’ve been helping homeowners update their houses and outdoor living areas by providing durable, long-lasting products since 2001. And, in addition to delivering exceptional products, we also offer expert installations from our team of highly trained craftsmen.

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Screen Room Options:

Bronze or white

Domed or Mansard Roof

Mega View

Insulated roof Panels

Concrete, Paver or Travertine deck 

Custom sizes available

Water Features


Fire effects

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Harvest Blend


Brushed Concrete

Acrylic Texture